How to Choose Your Wedding Venue Lincoln, NE

Most brides and grooms often find the events leading to their special day to be quite stressful and anxiety-ridden. And one of the biggest contributors is the desire to find the perfect wedding venue that embodies the very culmination of their love. The wedding venue influences a lot of factors in the event itself such as the décor, the theme, and the attire, and without it, planning the event is next to impossible. But, don’t worry. In order to remove the dilemma of choosing the perfect venue, here’s a breakdown of the things you ought to consider.


I know that most of us want an extravagant fairytale-like wedding. But in choosing your venue, you should consider the range of your budget first. Take time to sit down with your soon-to-be spouse and talk about the state of your finances. You shouldn’t push for a lavish ceremony if it means starting off your married life worrying about the state of your finances. A successful, memorable, and joyous wedding is not hinged on extravagance. Many can attest that even with a short budget, this special day can still be as magical as a fairytale wedding.

Number of Guests

Once you’ve worked on your budget, estimate the number of people you want to invite on your special day. Most venues have a guest count minimum and maximum that can be accommodated at the wedding location. When talking with your partner, be sure to aim low on your guest count since accommodating for a larger number of guests than anticipated is a lot harder than accommodating fewer people. Make sure that the number of guests coincides with your chosen venue so that every guest can be comfortable throughout the event.


In choosing a wedding location, make sure that it’s easily accessible to your guests and that it has plenty of parking space to accommodate all of your guests without crowding. It should also have the perfect ambiance and atmosphere to set the mood. Also, consider the theme that you want to pursue your wedding day. Do you want it to be indoor or outdoor or both? Does it work well with my chosen wedding palette? Is the backdrop suitable for my wedding theme?


After you find the location to be satisfactory, ask if the venue provides catering services and if they have the proper facilities to pull of your wedding without a hitch. You should ask if the wedding venue provides the tables, chairs, decors, music system, and other necessary equipment that you might need. You should make sure that their staff are professionals and have ample experience in handling various wedding events.


Aside from the facilities, you should also consider the vendors at your wedding. Ask if the event have in-house vendors and what they are (florists, DJs, decorators, etc.) or if it’s possible to hire vendors of your own. Some facilities allow that, while others don’t.

If you’ve found the place that checks out with all of your lists, make sure that you’ve worked out all the kinks in your negotiations first before signing in any contract and that you and your partner have fully discussed it.

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